If you’re like most, you certainly must be looking forward to the holiday season and corporate Christmas party to be specific.

If well organized, these parties leave indelible memories and with that, we sought to find out which holiday party themes are Christmas Party Theme Ideascreating the entire buzz.

Our team compiled a list of only the most creative Christmas party theme ideas ever, to help you throw a unique and fun-filled corporate bash.

Casino Christmas Party Theme

Who doesn’t love all the glitz and glamour that comes with the whole casino experience?

With friends, colleagues and family around, expensive wine and of course, the ever-exciting games; it certainly doesn’t get any better.

Finding the perfect casino rental company to help you out could see your casino Christmas party theme going down as one of the best corporate parties.

Invitation Cards

There are many resources on the web to find appropriate invitation examples. Vistaprint is a great place to get your invitations printed at a reasonable cost.

Everything has to be just right and it starts with the invitations – picture James bond invites in Casino Royale if it’s a high-end Casino theme or a classy Vegas-themed event.

Casino Night Entertainment

You obviously want your guests engaged – the reason why you went for the casino (gambling and roulette games) idea.atlanta casino rentals

Relax: None of the casino party rental companies use real money so everybody can share in on the fun.

Not all people are the gambling type and you would want to have strolling fortune tellers, magicians and caricature artists just in case.

Food and Drinks

Try checking out the menus offered in some Vegas casinos for surreal experiences.

It is worth remembering that the guests will be engaged in intense gambling meaning sit-down meals are out of the question – but this is something a good planner knows already.

For the cocktails, set up a Martini bar holding a variety of cocktails complete with an expert mixer.

All said, you can never go wrong with a casino Christmas party theme idea.

With proper planning and the right company to sort you out, your colleagues should be raving about the event for months.

Masquerade Ball Christmas Party Theme

The Opera Phantom comes to mind when you think about masquerade balls and everyone can experience that if enthusiasm is put in proper planning.

Everything has to be just right, from the theme colors to the masks. In a nutshell, a masquerade ball Christmas party theme idea can score you points at work and here’s all you need to know.

casino party rentalsMasks

For a masquerade ball party to be successful the masks have to be perfect and by this, I mean pinpointing clearly to the guests what it’s all about (either in person or on the invitation cards).

For safe measure, though, be sure to have a few extras just in case someone could find one in time.

An excellent resource for Masquerade Masks is Rhode Island Novelty.


Forget the whole red, white and green Santa theme if you’ve settled for a masquerade ball party.

If you’ve been to one or perhaps, watched a scene in a movie, you will notice that gold and purple (not the Lakers) are the order of the day or night in this case. It’s all about elegance and nothing speaks louder than purple and gold colors.


What’s a masquerade ball without and Orchestra or string quartet to provide the perfect ambiance?

On the repertoire, throw in a bunch of holiday music and ask the band to squeeze in some classical from Phantom or some eerie.

To sum it up, a masquerade ball party is all about being spontaneous so don’t shy from mixing it up a little where you can. Be sure to find a good masquerade party planner if you need some help.

White Christmas Party Themeatlanta casino night

Snow is synonymous with Christmas and a white party actually makes perfect sense. Make sure you turn the whole event into a white extravaganza as never seen before.

Complimentary Theme Color

Even though there can be complimentary colors, be sure not veer away from the basic idea, which is simply white. Silver is therefore the perfect match for a sparkle feel to it.


What else should one expect from a white party other than, white Christmas trees, white chairs and white ribbons on white ornaments.

Spruce it up by adding some snowflakes in center-pieces and angel wings behind the chairs.


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